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Cash – tried and tested, and with a future / Keynote Address of Dr. Zurbrügg, Swiss National Bank, at the World Banknote Summit 2017 + + + The end of cash is coming faster than anyone thought / Mirror, 25 May 2017 + + + Have We Reached Mobile Banking App Saturation? / Credit Union Times 17 July 2017 + + + Cash is (still) King / + + + ‘No Cash’ signs everywhere has Sweden worried it’s gone too far (Bloomberg, 19 February 2018) + + + Cash payments are on the increase / G4S Global Cash Report 2018 + + + + + +

Leadership forum with an impact

The World Banknote Summit provides a platform for the leaders of the banknote community to meet and discuss the most pressing issues of concern for banknotes. By coming together, we can shape the future of banknotes.


Listed by CNBC as a “Top Economic Event” in 2017, and providing the stage for the Vice President of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank to publically take a strong stance in favour of cash during his keynote address – this conference is designed to make an impact.


2018: Prepare for the future


The payment landscape is constantly changing as a result of factors including new technology, social behaviour, economic development, and changing regulations.


Some changes may seem negligible at first, but need to be carefully monitored, as they could indicate or lead to a technology shift, for which the banknote community must be prepared.


At the World Banknote Summit, we look at the drivers that shape the future payment landscape. Delegates will benefit from presentations that offer different perspectives on this subject, to help prepare their organisations for the challenges ahead. 


So how is this conference different?

The World Banknote Summit is different in various aspects:


Uniquely, experts from outside the banknote community share their knowledge and views

The World Banknote Summit is the only event where experts from outside the banknote community share their expectations and views on banknotes.


At the World Banknote Summit 2017, representatives from mobile payment solution providers, leading crypto currency companies, a major supermarket chain, and the association of the visually impaired and blind amongst others, presented and provided vital insights on possible future payment scenarios.


At the World Banknote Summit 2018, experts from outside the banknote community will again contribute with inspiring and invaluable insights on banknotes. These external perspectives are essential in bringing new thinking and understanding about banknotes and their role in the payment landscape.


Small enough to be able to talk, big enough to be able to learn

Size matters: high-level discussions and networking with leading decision makers in the industry simply work better in more intimate settings.


Similarly, conversations are deeper and more valuable when the ratio of delegates, Central Bankers and government printers to suppliers, is managed.


At the World Banknote Summit, we are keeping it small, personal and “balanced” so that you can find and meet the right people.


Banknotes, and their future role, in the spotlight

The World Banknote Summit is focused on two key issues:

  • The future payment landscape, and the role of banknotes therein
  • How banknotes can be made a more effective, more efficient and more competitive form of payment.

With banknotes at its heart, the World Banknote Summit provides an excellent platform to share and learn from each others experience.


This clear focus will not be diluted by discussions on peripheral topics like ID solutions or security documents.


Active management of the conference agenda

Much time and effort is spent in the preparation of the World Banknote Summit agenda. In a series of interviews and discussions with different stakeholders from the banknote community, the most relevant topics are identified. Competent speakers on these topics are then researched and engaged.


To achieve consistency across all presentations, the speakers are provided with presentation guidelines, and supported with constructive feedback from our experts on their presentations through a peer review process.


Audience plays an active role

Those participating at the conference bring with them vast amounts of knowledge and experience. It is unquestionably worthwhile tapping into this knowledge. The active engagement of the audience with state-of-the-art communication tools in the plenary presentations is a crucial element for a truly insightful and beneficial discussion of the topics at hand.


Furthermore, the agenda is structured in such a way that plenary presentations are interspersed with breakout sessions to allow for subject-specific discussions.





The World Banknote Summit offers opportunities for participants to actively engage and participate in the discussion on banknotes and their role in the future payment landscape.

The World Banknote Summit 2018 is the place to be to prepare for the future:

  • Selected expert speakers, from outside and inside the industry to inspire with new insights
  • New topics to fully understand the drivers of current changes and trends
  • Different presentation formats to facilitate flexibility & diversity

Join the discussion - turn change into an opportunity at the World Banknote Summit!


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